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21 Sep 2023

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Prestige Suites

The 16 magnificent Prestige Suites at Ritz Paris include highly individual tributes to some of our most illustrious residents. Each is a mansion in miniature, where the soul of such legends as Hemingway, Chanel, Proust and more breathes through the walls.

Suite Impériale

Inspired by the splendour of the Château de Versailles, this is perhaps the world’s most comfortable Historic Monument. Lovers of both French history and ‘l’art de vivre’ will appreciate the accuracy and beauty of our tributes to the Royal Court of the Sun King.

Suite Coco Chanel

As a neighbor on the rue Cambon, Gabrielle Chanel decided one day in 1937 to take a suite at the Ritz Paris. She would stay for 34 years. She felt at home amid the hotel's luxury and elegance and gradually brought in her favorite furniture, such as Coromandel lacquered screens, gilded mirrors and a velvet banquette, until finally she had redecorated the whole space.

Suite Windsor

This majestic suite subtly blends high-end French style with that of English royalty. Named for the famous couple who let love lead the way, it has a fresh, open, optimistic feel.

L'Appartement Ritz

L'Apartment Ritz is one of a kind. Accessed by private elevator, it's designed and attired like an especially chic Paris garret dwelling. Complete with a smart modern kitchen, you might almost forget you’re in a hotel.

Suite Vendôme

Call it savoir-faire, call it l’art de vivre – or just call it home. Majestic and magnificent, our Suite Vendôme does ample justice to the most prestigious square in Paris. An immense salon, two bedrooms and meticulous attention to the tiniest details recall the most beautiful Parisian private apartments.

Suite Maria Callas

A hideaway worthy of the greatest diva of all time. 'La Divina' depended on the Ritz Paris for reliable, discreet refuge from the world's attention. In her suite, her legend lives on.

Suite F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Fitzgeralds adored France, from the newly fashionable Riviera to the ancient City of Lights - where only the Ritz Paris could accommodate their lifestyle. This extraordinarily large, opulent suite allows you room to wander round at leisure, in the spirit of the couple who did as much as anyone to define the Roaring Twenties.

Suite Mansart

This opulent, charming terrace suite makes a fitting tribute to Jules Hardouin-Mansart, distinguished architect of Place Vendôme. The stunning outdoor space allows views over the Parisian roofs and down onto his masterpiece, the Place Vendôme.

Suite Chopin

Our harmonious, high-romantic tribute to perhaps the most celebrated resident of Place Vendôme. When a grand piano is not the most remarkable aspect of your suite, you know there’s something special in the air.

Suite Opéra

Take in the perfect view through theatrical bow windows towards the iconic Opéra Garnier, and you’ve cued up the theme for this show-stopping suite. Spacious, stately and incredibly well-lit, it provides the ideal set for your own drama.

Suite Grand Jardin

With the proportions of a true Parisian pied-à-terre, independent entrances for each room and your own garden terrace, this makes the ideal suite for extended stays. When you need a home from home in the beating heart of Paris, this suite has it all.

Suite César Ritz

As you’d expect, the suite named in honor of our founder blends tasteful opulence with a rare intimacy. So while overlooking the prestigious Place Vendôme, this charming space recalls the atmosphere of a typical Parisian top-floor apartment. The home-like feel is warmed by the soft pink tones, a tribute to his wife Marie-Louise. Her bronze likeness still watches over the space.

Suite Ernest Hemingway

"When I dream of an afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place at the Ritz Paris." So wrote Hemingway, and this suite makes a ready-made backdrop for such imaginings. Seldom-seen photographs of the famed author-adventurer give the space true cachet, and naturally a carefully stocked library is a central feature.

Suite Charlie Chaplin

A worthy homage to France’s reverence for the irreplaceable “Charlot”. Sumptuously decorated, with a dramatic view on the Place Vendôme, this charming suite reflects the successful auteur behind the classic films.

Suite Marcel Proust

Make up for lost time in our living tribute to one of France’s greatest writers, a Ritz Paris habitué. Wooden panelling lends the feel of a private library crossed with a bachelor pad, perfectly in keeping with the writer’s world.

Suite Prince de Galles

“Wherever Ritz goes, I follow," promised the Prince of Wales. Now we can follow in his well-shod footsteps. Revel in the aristocratic scale of this elegant Suite, which deftly balances subtle English sensibility with the French art de vivre so beloved of the style icon himself.

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