Suite Chopin

  • Area : 68 m² / 732 sq. ft.

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A suite as intimate and graceful as the music of this virtuoso pianist, in appropriate French Romantic style. The superb listed ceiling in the room that overlooks majestic Place Vendôme is a masterpiece of finesse. A trip into the arts, and the past.

Under its magnificent high ceiling, the Suite boasts a piano, sheet music, and a symphony of details that pay homage to Frédéric Chopin. The intimate atmosphere recalls the Parisian salons so beloved of the great composer who, towards the end of his life, lived right on Place Vendôme.

  • Vendôme Square view

  • High ceilings

  • Grand piano

  • Separate living room

  • Separate walk-in closet

A romantic interlude

His great friend Eugène Delacroix called Chopin "the truest artist" he had ever met. This gently elegant suite stands in tribute, the atmosphere inviting both creation and reverie. The centerpiece is the grand piano, with its evocative melodies, while velvet and silks compose their own Prelude in pink and ochre. On the wall, paintings and engravings sketch the shape of an extraordinary life.

Bedroom as work of art

Can you imagine a more beautiful sky to guide your dreams? With its bas-reliefs, golden cornices, and lace-like detailing, the suite’s crowning glory is simply sublime. Below, don’t miss the marquetry on the parquet flooring of oak, rosewood and sycamore. Then explore the carved woodwork, marbles, bronzes, silken drapes. You’ll never tire of finding new details to admire.

A harmonious outlook

The view from the bed highlights the subtle play of thought-through perspectives. In the foreground, the railing shows the golden sun, symbol of Louis XIV; behind, the Vendôme Column, backed by the harmonious facades of mansions. As you approach the window, the royal square of Place Vendôme unfolds before you like a theater, the horizon seeming to stretch before your eyes. A marvel of classical architecture.

Exiled to Paris in 1831, the "eternal romantic" found himself at the heart of the arts world, where the spirit of Romanticism reigned. At ease with both artistic and social circles, Chopin became the master of the Parisian music scene, performing his delicate music in the most elevated salons, such as the renowned Pleyel. In the summer of 1840 he settled at his final residence at 12 Place Vendôme, near what is now the Ritz Paris - and composed his last mazurka.

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