Suite Prince de Galles

  • Area : 93 m² / 1002 sq. ft.

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The most Francophile of all English princes, the future Edward VII, placed so much value on our art of living that he declared "Wherever Ritz goes, I go!" The same spirit of aristocratic savoir-faire infuses the suite named in his honour. Charm, personified.

A stunning, charmingly unconventional space, whose characterful sloping ceilings lend the feel of being in a typically Parisian apartment. From fabulous dressing room to regal bathroom, the perfect blend of comfort and intimacy make it fit for an especially elegant prince.

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Separate living room

  • Large separate walk-in closet

The "art of living", in person

The Prince of Wales was a pioneer in gentleman’s style. The turn-up resting on the shoe; the classic tux; the tartan. The same eclectic spirit informs the suite's design. The dressing room is appropriately vast, while in the main space a stylish squire from an earlier era overlooks the harmonious furnishings: Belle Époque sofa, Empire lamps, Louis XV candelabras. This is the famous Ritz touch so admired by the Prince.

A royal view

The bedroom instinctively feels special: canopy bed, sumptuous drapery, family portraits looking on. A corridor leads to a bathroom bathed in light, where subtle touches draw the discerning eye. Climb a few steps to the dormer window and gasp at the view of Place Vendôme. This charming vignette is typical of the Grand Siècle facades lining the royal square, and fits perfectly here.

"Wherever Ritz goes, I follow"

Our founder aimed to provide "all the refinements a prince would wish to find in his own residence." It seems Prince Edward agreed. The eldest son of Queen Victoria became King at 59, spending much of the waiting time at the seaside, the theater, and hunting. The prince adored France, and the feeling was mutual. He had the pleasure of presiding over the Parisian social scene for a long, glamorous time.

Prince Edward first met César Ritz in 1873, and was immediately smitten. He is quoted as saying "You know better than I do what I like, Mr. Ritz! Arrange a dinner according to my tastes." Once César Ritz opened his own hotel in 1898, the prince was a fixture, and the "jet set" soon followed. The Ritz Paris became the meeting point for great minds, the scene of fabled dinner dances and the stage for the most memorable festivities. It still is.

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