Suite Marcel Proust

  • Area : 67 m² / 722 sq. ft.

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The Ritz Paris was always a magnet for literary figures, with the great Marcel Proust leading the way. In the 1900s, our hotel was home to this distinguished socialite, and served as an eternal source of inspiration for his keen eye for the personalities around him. This suite transports us into his intimate circle.

As soon as you ascend the private staircase that leads to the suite, there's a sense of a confidential place where time has stood still. One soon discovers a warm, welcoming ambience of wood and velvet, where visiting daylight suns itself in the mirrors.

  • Separate living room

  • Calm

  • Chess set

Living like Proust

"At the Ritz, nobody pushes you," said Proust of the only place he felt truly at ease. The portraits and paneled walls in this evocative salon inspire a similar sense of peace. There's a desk for writing your own thoughts, a chess set if you're in a more playful mood, or the comfort of a chaise longue to go in search of lost time – ideally around teatime. The choice is all yours.

A time where words ruled

Our verbal virtuoso lived his life surrounded by the books of masters such as Racine, Baudelaire, Tolstoy, and Poe. A trompe-l'œil library honours the avid reader he was, while you settle into the atmosphere he loved so much. Amidst the books, the bedroom. Three short steps lead to a light-bathed alcove adorned in damask draperies and more oak paneling. It makes for an exquisite nest.

A home away from home

Proust was a loyal Ritz acolyte from the start, attending the hotel's inauguration in 1898. As you’d expect from the author dubbed "Proust of the Ritz" this was both refuge and stage, ideal both for isolating himself from the world and hosting discreet gatherings. Cocteau, Churchill, Fauré... in a private salon, the man of letters was equally at ease with world leaders and his fellow creatives.

Marcel Proust turned the Ritz into an observatory of the Paris unfolding around him. No need to venture out; he could perfectly capture the spirit of the times just by people-watching. Always on the lookout for inspiration, he would ask the staff to share the latest on interesting guests, often turning them into raw material for his characters. One notable example was maître d’hôtel Olivier Dabescat, who turned up almost intact as Aimé in "In Search of Lost Time."

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