Superior Room

  • Area : 35 m² / 377 sq. ft.

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When you first dreamt of a romantic getaway in the historic heart of Paris, this was the luxury room you had in mind. Marble fireplace, elaborate mirrors, sumptuous bathroom, langorous light peeking through elegant windows. Your dream, come true.

These special Ritz Paris touches mean your whole stay feels like a private liaison with what the French call art de vivre. It all adds up to a unique sense of romantic bliss and relaxation, a small jewel, perfectly formed.

  • Spacious

  • Marble bathroom

Your bedroom awaits

As our founder César Ritz was fond of saying, "the best is never too good!" This philosophy defined his idea of a luxury hotel, where all rooms are superior to the norm. As light pours though the beautiful windows, take in the two small corner spaces - one ideal for catching up on reading, the other for writing or deskwork. Examine the artworks from years past, surrounded in eclectic French style. You could get used to this.

The bed of your dreams

When you wake up and remember where you are, you’ll realise why your sleep felt quite so sumptuous. You are in one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, framed in fine gold leaf and delicately embroidered florals. Feel the luxury of satin-soft Italian sheets... then stretch out a lazy arm to shed some light, so you can appreciate it all once again. Which brings us to...

The iconic tulip lamp

Time to say a little more about one of the iconic objects that sustain the Ritz Paris legend. Electric lighting was all the rage as the 19th century meared its end. Ever the innovator, César Ritz was quick to embrace its possibilities. Today, historic objects like this Belle Epoque lamp keep the flame very much alight.

The Ritz Paris opened with electricity on every floor, one of only two luxury hotels in the world able to make this amazing claim. To celebrate this new age of enlightenment, the painted ceiling of the main Ritz dining room was gently lit by alabaster globes – showing les dames in their very best light. How very illuminating.

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This rate is per room and per night and inclusive of VAT and service charges. The Tourist Tax is excluded (€10.73 per night, per adult aged 18 and over).

You will be invoiced by the Ritz Paris with 100% of the total cost of your stay or, where applicable, the total cost of your stay paid prior to your arrival date will be fully retained by the Ritz Paris, as follows:

  • In the event of a cancellation request after 3pm (local time, Paris) and less than three (3) days prior to your arrival date;
  • In the event of a cancellation request after 3pm (local time, Paris) and less than fifteen (15) days prior to your arrival date due during the following periods: from 09/23/2024 to 10/01/2024, from 12/28/2024 to 12/31/2024, from 01/21/2025 to 01/30/2025, from 03/03/2025 to 03/12/2025, from 06/04/2025 to 06/07/2025, from 06/14/2025 to 07/10/2025, from 09/29/2025 to 10/07/2025, from 12/27/2025 to 12/31/2025;
  • In the event of a cancellation request after 3pm (Paris local time) and less than thirty (30) days prior to your arrival date due during the period from 07/20/2024 to 07/24/2024;
  • In the event of a cancellation request if your stay is due during the period from 07/25/2024 to 08/11/2024.

All our rooms and suites have complimentary wifi access.

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