Suite Windsor

  • Area : 163 m² / 1755 sq. ft.

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The romantic Windsors had their own suite at the Ritz Paris, and today's prestigious apartment overlooking Place Vendôme evokes their spirit perfectly. It's both elegant and majestic, with the expansive feel only the first floor can offer.

The Windsor Suite deftly marries French aristocratic style with British elegance. Daylight on ivory pastels; subtle gold leaf; exquisitely carved woodwork: it all adds up to the delicate luxury so loved by the Duke and Duchess. In the spirit of discretion, the suite is reached by a private elevator accessible through a secret passage.

  • Vendôme Square view

  • 2 bedrooms

  • Private elevator

  • Hammam

  • High ceilings

The great salon

Ceilings six meters high, bathed in a pastel light with gold accents. A French classical style imbued with a British touch. By the fireplace, a buttoned sofa and a cottage-style spirit. In the salon, Louis XVI inspiration with a playful twist: embroidered cushions with dog motifs nod to the Duchess, who loved to decorate her interiors with objects celebrating her beloved pugs.

The blue bedroom

Majesty and intimacy meet in this suite, creating a magical haven. Designers adored the Duchess, and our "Wallis Blue" theming echoes the distinctly feminine hue created by Mainbocher for her world-famous wedding dress. The suite's grandeur extends beyond the salon: the luxurious canopy bed, the small sitting room dedicated to relaxation and beauty. From the chaise longue, you can contemplate Place Vendôme - whose jewelers were frequented by Wallis, herself a great collector.

A Parisian pied-à-terre

In 1936, the recently throned King Edward VIII decided to follow his heart - and duly abdicated. Rather than obey protocol, he married the American divorcee Wallis Simpson, and was renamed the Duke of Windsor. Their love story was written in exile, amid the highest society and most lavish of lifestyles. From Monte Carlo to Venice, the couple was on everyone's guest list.

Lovers of France, and Paris in particular, the Duke and Duchess relished staying at the Ritz. They'd arrive by boat, and a hotel concierge would escort them to Place Vendôme. Once in their suite they could relax among dedicated staff and familiar routines. In the 1950s, the Duke wrote several chapters of his memoirs here. We're delighted to be of service.

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