Suite Coco Chanel

  • Area : 188 m² / 2024 sq. ft.

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Gabrielle Chanel and the Ritz share an eternal bond, their destinies intimately intertwined. The legendary designer referred to the Ritz as ma maison. She lived with us for over two decades, making 15 Place Vendôme the setting for the precious hours spent away from her life’s work. This suite is dedicated to her.

In the heart of the historic Ritz, the majestic spirit of Mademoiselle lives on. Designed to evoke the spirit of her apartment on rue Cambon, the suite is an intimate escape into her world, her passions, her secrets.

  • Vendôme Square view

  • 2 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Hammam

  • Separate living room

A rendezvous with Mademoiselle

Once through the door, you're greeted by a magnificent, light-filled apartment. These high windows open onto Place Vendôme, whose contours are said to have inspired the stopper in each bottle of N°5. Throughout the rooms, the timeless chic of black, ivory, and white holds sway, alongside a signature simplicity of line. A suede sofa, crystal lamps, Venetian mirrors and her beloved Coromandels call up memories of the apartment at 31 rue Cambon she called her "camp"; a place at once intimate and baroque, piled with books and good-luck charms - and steeped in mystery.

A constellation of stories and symbols

Sketches, portraits, beloved objects; they all help recreate the singular spirit of 31 rue Cambon. Observe the ear of wheat adorning the celebrated Goossens table; the totemic lion on guard; the Coromandel screens Gabrielle collected. Panels of Chinese lacquer engraved with landscapes adorn the walls and partitions. When presenting her collections in her suite at the Ritz, Gabrielle would unfurl them all around the room to prevent guests from leaving.

Coco Chanel at the Ritz

Gabrielle Chanel was perfectly at home at the Ritz Paris. The young designer began frequenting the hotel in the 1920s, since her fashion house was just around the corner at 31 rue Cambon. That address combined the shop, the dressmaking workshops, the salons, and her apartment. From 1935 onwards she began spending more time at the Ritz, and settled here permanently in 1954 for the rest of her life. She brought in her own furniture and personal objects to furnish her suite in her own style. Every evening, following her ritual, she crossed rue Cambon to return to her room at the Ritz.

Coco Chanel and the Ritz shared the same idea of elegance: discreet, perfect, timeless luxury. Since the hotel met all her requirements for authenticity and comfort, 15 place Vendôme became her refuge, a haven of tranquillity after long days at work, the hotel staff like a second family. She also enjoyed socializing here, or dining at Espadon with close friends such as Misia Sert, Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau.

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