Spacious and overlooking the garden or the rooftops of the City of Light, the rooms at the Ritz Paris have the special spirit and allure that characterize emblematic addresses.

The charm of grand Houses, the savoir-faire of exceptional artisans and that "je ne sais quoi" typical of the Parisian way of life...

as lovers of history and anecdotes well know, there is a story behind every “Ritzy” detail.

Superior Room

Rich ornamentation

35m² / 375 sq. ft.
Executive Room

French elegance

40m² / 430 sq. ft.
Deluxe Room

Luxury meets tradition

45m² / 480 sq. ft.
Grand Deluxe Room

The incomparable comfort of the French art de vivre

55m² / 590 sq. ft.


The spacious Suites at the Ritz Paris have that extra little touch of spirit that will make your stay in Paris unforgettable. Designed as exceptional apartments, with a private terrace or a bucolic view over Paris, these rooms subtly blend stateliness with pure Parisian nobility and timeless elegance. Staying in a suite at the Ritz Paris is the quintessence of the French art of living.

Deluxe Junior Suite

The unique elegance of French high style

65m² / 700 sq. ft.
Executive Suite

Neoclassic splendor

75m² / 810 sq. ft.
Deluxe Suite

French-style luxury and charm

90m² / 970 sq. ft.

Prestige Suites

The Ritz Paris counts 16 Privilege suites, each completely different. Every suite is like a little excerpt of what makes private Parisian mansions so special, and pays tribute to the illustrious guests who will forever embody the history of this iconic address, among them Marcel Proust, Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Frédéric Chopin and Charlie Chaplin.

Suite Prince de Galles

The elegance and prestige of a Royal apartment

93m² / 1001 sq. ft., 3rd Floor
Suite Marcel Proust

The intimacy of literary Paris

59m² / 635 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Charlie Chaplin

A suite to match the legend

72m² / 775 sq. ft., 2nd Floor
Suite César Ritz

Ultimate luxury and sophistication

126m² / 1356 sq. ft., 3rd Floor
Suite Opéra

A theater in the sky

87m² / 936 sq. ft., 6th Floor
Suite Chopin

The quintessence of romanticism

68m² / 732 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Mansart

An idyllic hideaway and terrace in the sky

85m² / 915 sq. ft., 6th Floor
Suite F. Scott Fitzgerald

An elegant traveler’s original universe

185m² / 1991 sq. ft., 3rd Floor
Suite Maria Callas

A refined, intimate and romantic setting

120m² / 1292 sq. ft., 6th Floor
Suite Vendôme

The quintessence of Grand Siècle style, with a view

163m² / 1755 sq. ft., 2nd Floor
Suite Windsor

The quintessence of style

163m² / 1755 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Coco Chanel

The couture spirit of a visionary

188m² / 2024 sq. ft., 2nd Floor
Suite Impériale

Versailles in Paris

218m² / 2347 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Ernest Hemingway

An inspired and serene setting for a writer

79m² / 850 sq. ft., 1st Floor
L'Appartement Ritz

The luxury of "home" under the eaves

163m2 / 1755 sq. ft., 7th Floor
Suite Grand Jardin

A noble Suite with a contemporary garden

80m2 / 861sq. ft., 1st Floor