Each room at the Ritz Paris is as glorious as ever, offering an incomparable ambiance and the most generous spaces in the French capital. Fine woodwork and delicate pastel hues compose an intimate décor where ultimate luxury resides in every detail, accompanied by antique objects and art.

Superior Room

Rich ornamentation

35m² / 375 sq. ft.
Executive Room

French elegance

40m² / 430 sq. ft.
Deluxe Room

Luxury meets tradition

45m² / 480 sq. ft.
Grand Deluxe Room

The incomparable comfort of the French art de vivre

55m² / 590 sq. ft.


Restored to their legendary splendor, the Ritz Paris suites have re-emerged from their neoclassical settings enlarged, reconsidered to accommodate the latest technologies and dressed in subtle silks. Bathed in light, some even offer shaded private terraces overlooking the hotel’s magnificent French garden.

Deluxe Junior Suite

The unique elegance of French high style

65m² / 700 sq. ft.
Executive Suite

Neoclassic splendor

75m² / 810 sq. ft.
Deluxe Suite

French-style luxury and charm

90m² / 970 sq. ft.

Prestige Suites

A favorite destination among the famous and powerful, the Ritz Paris has faithfully restored the signature décors of celebrated guests in its Prestige Suites. Marcel Proust, Frédéric Chopin, Coco Chanel and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor all chose furnishings that reflected their personality, a décor of absolute sophistication with the tranquility of a sweeping view over the place Vendôme.

Suite Prince de Galles

All the refinement of Parisian luxury

93m² / 1001 sq. ft., 3rd Floor
Suite Marcel Proust

The intimate writer's refuge

59m² / 635 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Charlie Chaplin

Comfort and elegance for a cinematic genius

72m² / 775 sq. ft., 2nd Floor
Suite César Ritz

Ultimate luxury and sophistication

126m² / 1356 sq. ft., 3rd Floor
Suite Opéra

Grandeur and a breathtaking view over the Opéra Garnier

87m² / 936 sq. ft., 6th Floor
Suite Chopin

The richly decorated world of an illustrious composer

68m² / 732 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Mansart

A private terrace and sweeping view over Paris

85m² / 915 sq. ft., 6th Floor
Suite F. Scott Fitzgerald

The discreet world of an elegant globetrotter

185m² / 1991 sq. ft., 3rd Floor
Suite Maria Callas

A marvelous homage to the diva

120m² / 1292 sq. ft., 6th Floor
Suite Vendôme

A sweeping view over the place Vendôme

163m² / 1755 sq. ft., 2nd Floor
Suite Windsor

French opulence and refinement

163m² / 1755 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Coco Chanel

An inimitable, timeless spirit

188m² / 2024 sq. ft., 2nd Floor
Suite Impériale

A listed Historic Monument, the crown jewel of the Ritz Paris

218m² / 2347 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Suite Ernest Hemingway

Luxurious rooms for a writer-adventurer

79m² / 850 sq. ft., 1st Floor
Appartement Ritz

The comfort of a spacious Parisian apartment

163m² / 1755 sq. ft., 7th Floor