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Sustainable development

As befits a visionary luxury hotel with a commitment to sustainability, daily life at the Ritz Paris rests on three core pillars: preserving the environment, safeguarding our heritage and engaging with society. We are convinced that it is possible to operate as a sustainable company with a role in securing the future of our planet.

Recognised for responsibility

The Ritz Paris is the first hotel in France to be certified by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Recognized by the UN and the World Tourism Organization, the GSTC is a pioneering non-profit organization that sets the benchmarks for sustainable development in the global tourism sector. These guidelines guarantee that an establishment meets the highest achievable social and environmental standards. Director of Sustainable Development at the Ritz Paris, Audrey Peguret, says; "This approach has enabled us to structure, mobilize and unite all our teams with the aim of pursuing our commitments and enriching our initiatives on a daily basis."

In 2024, just five months after opening, Restaurant Espadon was awarded three Ecotable macaroons, the highest level of the French sustainable restaurant certification. This award testifies to our collective commitment to eco-responsibility and sustainability.

Our vision

Since its inception, the Ritz Paris has been the global benchmark for how to create and run a high-end hotel. Our founding values were a pioneering spirit, perpetual invention, and a commitment to service and kindness. Today we promise an experience infused with refinement, warmth and emotion. Our ambition is to stay true to these historic commitments while continuing to develop an ever more sustainable style of luxury.

Preserving the environment

Over the years, the Ritz Paris has continually reinvented the hotel industry and its codes. At this time of climate emergency, our vision of luxury goes hand in hand with a genuine ecological conscience. Thanks to the ingenuity of our partners and employees, our brand and business model tread a responsible path, while preserving the Ritz experience.

  • Sharing our planet
    Following an ecological audit, we have installed 14 bird-nesting boxes in our Grand Jardin. We use integrated, biological pest management to maintain our gardens and terraces. Vegetables, herbs and edible flowers from our Vegetable and Aromatic Gardens are grown without pesticides.
  • Reducing our energy needs
    Our lighting is 100% LED. We recover 200 m3 of rainwater per year, and have introduced an annual plan to reduce energy consumption.
  • Limiting the impact of our waste
    We have set up a system for sorting, recycling and reducing waste, which our teams are trained to implement. Linen at the end of its cycle is reused for cleaning, and food waste is weighed daily to raise awareness among our teams.
  • Prioritizing sustainable mobility
    Our customers have access to electric bicycles and hybrid courtesy cars.
  • Responsible purchasing
    In our restaurants, menus are prepared using seasonal, local, organic and certified products.
  • Partners who share our values
    We invite all our business partners to sign our Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing Charter. We include ESG criteria in our invitations to tender and specifications.
  • Reasonable use of natural resources and preservation of ecosystems
    We encourage our customers to reduce the daily change of bed linen in their rooms.

Heritage and culture

As a historic proponent of the French 'art de vivre', we are passionate about keeping our cultural heritage alive over time. Our aim is to raise awareness of this exceptional legacy not only among our employees and customers, but also throughout Paris.

  • Preserving Parisian heritage
    We contribute to the cost of renovating the Colonne Vendôme and are members of the Colbert and Vendôme Committees, whose mission is to promote and pass on French know-how.
  • Passing on the legacy
    We organize conferences and training sessions for all our employees on the history of both the Place Vendôme and the Ritz Paris.

Engaging with society

We are committed to respecting diversity, employability, health and safety and all ethical criteria relating to human rights. We greatly value the talent and savoir faire of those who work every day to bring the Ritz Paris spirit to life. They are the key drivers of these pledges.

Our mission commits us to:

  • Ensuring the well-being of our teams
    By raising awareness of health protection and alternative medicine, running workshops throughout the year.
  • Prioritizing skills development
    Through high-quality training courses for all our employees, and career management support.
  • Cultivating positive collaborations
    Our sponsorship agreements underline our commitment to underprivileged communities through volunteer work and donations.

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