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A hotel of legend

As in the early days, the Ritz Paris is perfectly attuned to the rhythms of Parisian life. Combining majestic decor with a welcoming smile, it’s the perfect encapsulation of the French "art of living": up with the times, festive, cosmopolitan, and elegant. More than ever, it's a place that genuinely cares about its guests. Whether long-time Ritz lovers or newcomers, it's by them that our history continues to be written.

The enchantment of the Ritz

The Ritz is an invitation to the imagination, an open book whose famous guests have written so many pages and inspired a thousand and one anecdotes. It’s also like a magical film set. A first encounter begins with a long panning shot. We take in the lobby with its sumptuous carpets and rich royal blue; the majestic grand staircase; the superb sense of height, the exquisite fabrics and bouquets. Time has trod gently here, leaving an abiding sense of wonder. The grand hotel reveals its secrets little by little, at the turn of every door, its décor a universe in itself.

A Parisian address with many facets

The Ritz Paris is many things at once. To come here is to awaken your celebratory spirit, enjoy the eternal pleasures of taste and beauty, and the special joy of rediscovering oneself. The more time you spend, the more worlds are revealed, each with its particular atmosphere: the "private club" spirit of the Bar Hemingway, the Parisian ambience of the Bar Vendôme brasserie, the serenity of the Grand Jardin, the infinite voluptuousness of the Spa and its painted sky. Sleeping at the Ritz is an unforgettable interlude. Each 142 room has its own color, style and feel. Some pay homage to those celebrated guests who have helped make 15 Place Vendôme a place of legend.

César Ritz, a gentleman of vision

Born in the Belle Époque, the Ritz Paris owes everything to its founder César Ritz. Thanks to him, the prestige hotel business became an art form in its own right. To build his dream, Europe's most renowned hotelier chose a private mansion on Place Vendôme, an area already synonymous with the essence of Parisian chic. In his new-style establishment, César Ritz was determined to offer the ultimate in elegance and modern comfort. This devotee of world exhibitions was astonishingly inventive. On the hotel's inauguration in 1898, the Ritz Paris was the first hotel in the world to boast electricity on every floor, along with rooms with private bathrooms. Quite a feat at the time!

The art of entertaining

With his wife Marie-Louise, the master of the house treated the hotel as if a huge private home. Throughout, the famous "Ritz style" blends inspirations, eras and the finest French traditions in a subtle eclecticism. Each room and suite has its own harmony. With an eye for the smallest detail, the couple also devoted infinite attention to the comfort of their guests, creating a refined form of luxury years ahead of its time. Then as now, service is both attentive and discreet, so guests genuinely feel at home.

The glitzy years

As soon as it opened, the Ritz became the most fashionable place in Paris. This Parisian palace majored on discretion where required, but equally acted as the place to see and be seen. People came to the Ritz for its famous dinners, perhaps reserving a private salon with a few musicians. For weddings and anniversaries, tables could be set right in the lobby. Women could arrive unaccompanied to enjoy a London-style five o'clock tea. In the 1920s, the Ritz opened its first bar, where the art of conversation took pride of place. Dancing was the order of the day, both afternoon and evening and the word “ritzy” even entered the social vocabulary, describing the ultimate in elegance.

The meeting place for the creative arts

The Ritz Paris has always been frequented by writers, artists and creators. Among them were such brilliant, spirited talents as Sarah Bernhardt, Jean Cocteau, Elsa Schiaparelli, Marguerite Yourcenar, and Gianni Versace. The hotel was also a paradise for writers on the road to fame, from Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemingway to Marguerite Duras. It was a discreet refuge for Maria Callas, and home for over twenty years to Coco Chanel. Its walls have inspired so many romances - take Ingrid Bergman and Robert Capa - and any number of films, from An American in Paris to Audrey Hepburn’s Love in the Afternoon. Our suites and salons have played their part too, staging unforgettable Haute Couture shows.

The golden age of 15 Place Vendôme

Throughout its history, the hotel has never ceased to set the hearts of Parisians beating. Relishing its role as social diary, the seductive Ritz has experienced it all; free-flowing Champagne, joy and celebration. The grand receptions and costume balls; the weddings of Hollywood's leading couples; the effervescence of the Roaring Twenties, when people danced the Charleston to the sound of jazz orchestras; extravagant soirées worthy of The Great Gatsby, later revived in print under the adoring pen of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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