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Espadon restaurant awarded a Star in the MICHELIN Guide

Just a few months after opening, the Espadon restaurant has been awarded its first Star by the prestigious MICHELIN Guide. This distinction rewards the culinary experience of our table, the excellence and great finesse of our cuisine, and the talent of our teams. It's a wonderful accolade for the Ritz Paris and Chef Eugénie Béziat, supported behind the scenes by a talented team who share in her boldness, her passion and her perpetual quest for culinary excellence.

Eugénie Béziat, Michelin-starred Chef

Eugénie Béziat is a passionate, assertive personality who puts ultimate faith in her instincts. Filled with the tastes and aromas of far-off worlds, she prides herself on French gastronomic cuisine imbued with nostalgia and distant memories. Accordingly, this talented artiste likes to shake things up with unexpected and delicate combinations. At the heart of her cuisine we discover colorful dishes, aromatic threads, and condiments mixed with spices and essences - all in her quest for the perfect balance between the sweet and the sour, the bitter and the spicy.

This is a great honor for us all, I'm very proud of the teams who work alongside me every day, and I'd like to dedicate this Star to them.

Eugénie Béziat

The taste of communal effort

This spotlight on our culinary expertise is above all the fruit of the combined talent of our teams, and their shared commitment to a daily reinvention of the art of gastronomy. Among those working day in, day out in the kitchen and the dining room, special mentions go to Chef Eugénie Béziat and her loyal brigade of ten cooks; Camille Bouabdallah, manager of the Espadon restaurant, who masterfully orchestrates the service in the dining room; François Perret, Pastry Chef, and his astonishingly delicate creations; and Florian Guilloteau, Head Sommelier, for his original approach to food and wine pairing.

A dining room of unusual intimacy

In a warm, welcoming setting, Chef of the Espadon restaurant offers her guests an experience at once intimate and vibrant. With its large bay windows, the open kitchen reveals the silent ballet of a brigade of ten cooks, whose talents are expressed as if on a stage. In another feast for the eyes, the décor immerses diners in Eugénie Béziat's world, reflecting her passion for plants. Examples include the crystal ceiling lamp evoking the pages of a culinary herbarium - a subtle nod to her aromatic cuisine.

The awards keep coming

Since its opening, the Espadon restaurant has been unanimously acclaimed by connoisseurs around the world, Chef Eugénie Béziat so brilliantly embodies the dynamism of the French culinary scene. Upon being awarded a Michelin Star, the Ritz Paris's restaurant adds a new distinction to its list of honours, which already includes the "New Arrival of the Year" award from LA LISTE, as well as three Ecotable 'macaroons'. This latest award highlights the Espadon restaurant's eco-responsible approach and its many initiatives, such as the creation of a sustainable vegetable garden using local produce, a menu that respects the rhythm of the seasons, and sustainable waste management.

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