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Ritz Bar

A bistro spirit with an Art Deco feel, an echo of the Années Folles when the adjectlve "Ritzy" was coined. The term still holds its place in common parlance, and American dictionaries define it as "luxurious, fashionable, elegant". Here, dishes are made for sharing, at lunch or dinner, with a glass of exceptional wine. Decorated with elegant woodwork, the bat welcomes guests for breakfast starting at 8am and remains open for a nightcap until 2am. Parisian, relaxed and quite simply... ritzy.

BBQ al fresco and summer cocktails

The most beautiful garden in Paris

Starting May 1, the Ritz Bar will take its summer quarters in the Grand Jardin to make the most of the season.

From noon to dusk, one may linger in the secret of the alcoves or in the shade of marquise-shaped linden trees.

An idyllic luncheon with fresh salads, ceviches and afternoon sweets by Pastry Chef François Perret delight the senses.

In the evening, take a rendezvous for a chic aperitif on the terrace or a light dinner for two.

And on weekends, enjoy a sunny BBQ and just farniente as the hours pass.

At the Grand Jardin, summer’s tables await.

Once upon a time

A speakeasy before its time

When it first opened, the Ritz Paris was with... no bar. But the likes of Cole Porter, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and other expats fleeing prohibition America to live it up in Paris dreamed of having a bar they could call their own.

César Ritz soon came around and in 1921 the Ritz Bar opened in the rue Cambon wing.

At that time, it went by the name of "Le Café Parisien" and was reserved for men. But when the wife of César's son Charles was impertinent enough to invite herself in, it was decided in 1926 to open a second bar just across the way. Originally for ladies only, the "Petit Bar" was renamed Bar Hemingway in 1994.

But honor to whom honor is due, it was at the Ritz Bar where it all began and the sound of ruffling taffeta first mingled with the shaking and stirring of cocktails.