Ritz Bar

In an homage to César Ritz, the gentleman-pioneer and visionary when it came to electricity and hospitality, the Ritz Bar reinterprets the spirit of the Belle Époque through innovation, fantasy, and the magic of the divinatory arts. A magical place for special encounters and wonderment, the Ritz Bar offers a dreamlike and sensorial experience that’s ideal for discovering exceptional cocktails and liqueurs.

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The star ritual

The lantern at the Ritz Bar

Situated at the center of an 80 square-meter space, a circular bar crowned with a monumental lantern greets visitors. Every evening at precisely 5:30pm, the two-and-a-half-meter high fixture, in finely chiseled brass featuring a fresco of the zodiac’s constellations, rises skyward and embarks on an original ritual blending sound and light.

The lantern illuminates the bar area, projecting images of the stars and constellations onto the ceiling, while the music commences courtesy of the French duo Polo and Pan, joyful electro DJs who have composed for the Ritz Bar an exclusive melody to encourage imaginary journeys through time and space.

Signature cocktails and tapas

Guests delight in twelve astrological compositions: twelve intriguing, meticulously crafted cocktails reflect the personality, character, and brilliance of each sign, from the flamboyant Leo to the gallant Cancer, impetuous Aries, and on around the zodiac.

On the menu are nearly 40 spirit options and tapas plates for sharing, in keeping with the hotel’s great culinary tradition.