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17 Jan 2022

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Magical moments

King cake

François Perret’s classic puff pastry is back to please gourmets from all ages.

Step this way...

The Ritz Bar

Whatever your sign, we predict a zodiac-themed cocktail will bring joy.

Reach for the stars

Ritzy gifts

Delight those you love with the very Parisian, poetic Ritz Paris x Marin Montagut collection.

Come on in

Memorable experiences

All shades of blue

Book a spa treatment for yourself and a friend, by our exquisite pool.

All-day dining

Our Parisian brasserie offers the exact dining experience you seek, exactly when you need it.

Marry me at Ritz Paris

Pledge your hearts in the heart of the City of Love and the memories make themselves.

Madeleine cake filling

Discover François Perret's iconic madeleines, a fluffy cloud you can bite into.

A special touch

From our home to yours

Bring some Ritz Paris into someone's life with a gift from our online boutique. Works equally well on yourself.

Ritz Paris Boutique

Our gourmet boutique

Work up an appetite for the most exquisite French treats. Stroll just beyond the Ritz Paris to Rue Cambon.

Ritz Paris Le Comptoir

Learn from the best

Our cooking classes fill up fast. Many return for seconds. Discover why.

Ecole Ritz Escoffier

Our Giftcards

Treat your loved ones with an experience at the Ritz Paris. The perfect souvenir.

Ritz Paris Giftcard

Make pastry the Ritz Paris way

Perfect French pastries can take a lifetime to get right. We have the perfect work-around.

Ecole Ritz Escoffier