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4 Jun 2023

1 night

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1 adult

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Suite F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Fitzgeralds adored France, from the newly fashionable Riviera to the ancient City of Lights - where only the Ritz Paris could accommodate their lifestyle. This extraordinarily large, opulent suite allows you room to wander round at leisure, in the spirit of the couple who did as much as anyone to define the Roaring Twenties.
  • Up to 3 guests
  • King size bed
  • 185 m² / 1991 sq. ft.

You will appreciate

The Suite F. Scott Fitzgerald comes with the following specifications.
  • Vendôme Square view
  • Dressing room
  • Separate living room
  • Hammam

A window onto Paradise...

Climb the internal staircase to the reading nook, compose at the writing desk or just call from the luxurious bed for your wildest whims. It's what they would have wanted.

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Lift the curtain...

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