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F. Scott Fitzgerald

Vast and opulent, this Prestige Suite is dressed in variations of gold fabrics and silks.

The carved woodwork and padded velvet seats delicately highlight the black and white works and shots of the dandy globetrotter.

His travel memories pay tribute to all those who are nostalgic for the Roaring Twenties.

185m² / 1991 sq. ft.
Facing Place Vendôme

Your stay at the Ritz Paris

Once upon a time

A diamond
as big as the Ritz

The most glamorous couple of the Jazz Age led a boisterous and stormy existence.

Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald alighted in celebrated destinations all over the world but only the Ritz Paris was able to accomodate with grace and elegance all the eccentricities and romanticism the City of Light brought out in them.

In true Gatsby style, the novelist was enamoured of luxury, jewels, high society and all-night parties and would become forever associated with the Ritz Paris by including it in the title of one of his most famous stories.

You will appreciate

The warmth of a precious, unified tone.

The room has a very Parisian charm thanks to its mansard ceilings and a staircase that demarcates spaces: take advantage of the reading nook in this room with a view over the rooftops of Paris.

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