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The Grand Brunch at Ritz Paris 12:00PM to 3:00PM
Les Week-ends de L’Espadon 12:30pm to 2pm

The Grand Brunch at Ritz Paris

A Paris institution, the ultimate luxury of a moment frozen in time.

On Sundays, the Salon d’Été, which opens onto the Grand Jardin, is at the height of its charm, with a selection of arty and mini-dishes, both sweet and savory, hot and cold.

A delight for the palate, with buffets for sampling a variety of salads and specialties: mezzes and sushi,  pasta and bellota, meats and fish, ratatouilles and scrambled eggs, a generous array of cheeses and a congregation of miniature pastries.

To brunch at the Ritz Paris is to experience a gastronomic orchestra.

150€ per person.

Les Week-ends de L'Espadon

À la carte, for lazy, leisurely mornings as if you were at home.

Sharing the pleasure of a made to measure brunch within the refined luxury of L'Espadon.

Saturdays and Sundays only, 125€ per person

Weekend BBQs

The Ritz Bar takes its summer quarters in the Grand Jardin to make the most of the season.

From noon to dusk, one may linger in the secret of the alcoves or in the shade of marquise-shaped linden trees.

On weekends, guests gather for a grigliata. A BBQ with a singsong accent evokes a Paris that, all of a sudden, sets off on vacation, with picnics on the grass and large tables of family and friends.

With straw hats and joyful birdsong, the weekend takes wing. Cares evaporate. Suddenly, you are somewhere else, far away. The garden has a date with the sun. At the Ritz, summer is a party.

Unique menu at 85€
at lunch on Saturdays and Sundays only