Bar Hemingway

The world’s most famous (and smallest) Bar owes its name to the journalist and writer who was a regular.

With Colin Field, the twice-named "Best Head Barman in the World", the legend lives on...

Every evening, many fans and followers strive to land one of the 25 seats in this iconic Bar with the aura of a Members' Club.

Tufted leather armchairs, a library, photos and an old-fashioned typewriter, the absence of music to encourage conversations... the alchemy of the place is indescribably special: just one visit and you’ll understand.

Open from 6:00PM - 2:00AM, from tuesday to saturday, without reservation
A word from the Head Barman

Colin Field, Guardian of the Temple

"A cocktail is drunk three times, once with the eyes, once with the nose, and lastly with the palate".

Twice named "Best Head Barman in the World", this passionate and inveterate traveler inspires curiosity and admiration everywhere he goes, as much for cocktail created according to the rules of the art as for his endless trove of anecdotes.

Just ask him about the illustrious personalities who helped to make the hotel a legend, or the things he’s seen in his 25-year career here. A singular character.

A must-try? His most famous cocktail creation, the Serendipity.

Notes from the Ritz Paris

A hunting trophy, a collection of American police badges, a box of framed cigarettes, little notes scribbled on coasters, a gramophone...

This pocket-sized bar has the atmosphere of a gentlemen's club and all the characteristics of a cabinet of curiosities — no wonder it’s an insider favorite.

It’s easy to see what first attracted Ernest Hemingway, who used his favorite bar as inspiration for his novels.

Legend has it that the writer even celebrated Paris' victory over the Germans by drinking 51  Dry Martinis in a row.

A place of pilgrimage!