Corporate Social Responsibility

Aware of the need to act sustainably and as leaders of a visionary luxury hotel industry, we put our knowledge to work through multiple initiatives. The Ritz Paris is committed to three pillars: heritage conservation, social commitment and environmental preservation. It is by learning from those around us and building sincere relationships that we promise to stand the test of time without compromising the future of the planet.


The Ritz Paris is the first hotel in France to obtain certification from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The GSTC is a non-profit organization recognized by the UN and its agency UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organization), which is responsible for establishing the highest sustainable tourism standards for the industry worldwide. These policies guarantee that an establishment meets "the highest social and environmental standards in the industry.”

A strong commitment

"This process has enabled us to structure, mobilize and unite all the teams at the Ritz Paris with the aim of pursuing our commitments and enhancing our initiatives on a daily basis." - Audrey Peguret, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ritz Paris.

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Since its creation, the Ritz Paris has embodied the undisputed world reference in hospitality expertise and French luxury. It has always held in its genes, a pioneering and inventive spirit, as well as founding commitments around service and benevolence which are the symbols of an exceptional experience, imbued with refinement, kindness and emotions. Today the objective of the Ritz Paris is to perpetuate its historic commitments and to develop even more sustainable luxury. To shape this responsible future, the Ritz Paris is committed to respect the principles of the United Nations Global agreement.


The Ritz Paris has seen fashions and years go by while constantly renewing the hotel industry and its codes. At a time of climate emergency and its associated upheavals, we are once again reinventing luxury to give it a new ecological conscience. Our brand and our business model have therefore taken the path of reason without diminishing the Ritz Paris experience, thanks to the ingenuity of our partners and employees.

We share space with living things

We conducted an ecological audit and installed 14 birdhouses in our Grand Jardin.

We are reducing our energy needs

Our lighting in our customer areas is 100% LED. We optimize our IT equipment and adopt environmentally responsible digital practices.

We are limiting the impact of our waste

We have set up a waste sorting, recycling and reduction system with training for our teams.

We choose sustainable mobility

We provide our guests with electric bikes and hybrid courtesy cars.

We favour responsible purchasing

The menus in our restaurants are prepared with seasonal products, preferably local, organic and labeled.


As historical agents of the French art of living, we are passionate about keeping our cultural heritage alive through time. Our desire is to awaken and raise awareness of this exceptional heritage among our employees and our customers but also in Paris and throughout the world.

We choose partners with the same values

Our Responsible Purchasing Charter is obligatorily signed by our suppliers and service providers and we systematically evaluate their CSR approach.

We preserve Parisian heritage

We are contributing to costs of renovating the Vendôme Column and are members of the Colbert and Vendôme Committees, whose mission is to promote and transmit French know-how.

We pass on our heritage

We organize in-house conferences and training sessions on the history of Place Vendôme and the Ritz Paris.


We are committed to creating an environment that respects ethical criteria, diversity, employability, human rights, and health and safety. Given that empowerment lives at the heart of our brand, the Ritz Paris recognizes and values the talent and exceptional savoir-faire of those who work, day after day, to ensure that the spirit of the Ritz Paris flourishes. They are the key players who embody our commitments and fulfill countless initiatives that uphold those goals.

We take care of the well-being of our teams

We educate our teams on health protection and alternative medicine by organizing workshops and training sessions throughout the year.

We encourage skill building

We provide high quality training for all our employees as well as career management support.

We develop positive collaboration

We regularly make donations to associations serving disadvantaged communities. We are also involved with associations dedicated to children who are facing difficulties or sick. Finally, we organize and participate in disability week at work.