The Concept Store

The Ritz Paris Concept Store is a lens focused on what keeps our corner of the City of Light so iconic. This curated collection of resonant items is a potent distillation of our special allure, so you can keep the spirit of the Ritz Paris alive in your own home.

More to explore

The full experience

You’ll never find a gift quite like a stay at the Ritz Paris. Which room or suite to choose? Step this way for a browse...

Extend your best self

The Beauty Boutique at Ritz Paris – are there six more glamorous words? Come and discover a shrine to the art of beauty.

A gourmet gift

A Ritz Paris cookery course is the gift that keeps on giving back, in the shape of gourmet meals. It’s an enlightened choice.

A very special key

The Ritz Paris GiftCard opens the door to whatever takes the fancy: bars, restaurants, boutiques. You choose.