Bacha Coffee

Bacha Coffee invites you to the marvellous world of 100% Arabica coffee. Located in the iconic Ritz Paris Gallery, the extravagant coffee boutique is lined with magnificent amber canisters housing over 200 meticulously sourced coffees from 33 of the most reputable coffee producing countries in the world. Discover a wide selection of beautifully packaged coffee gift boxes, timeless accessories and delectable gourmet products to elevate your coffee experience. Bacha Coffee awaits you with an experience to remember in the heart of the City of Lights.


Unleash your inner chef

A flavor safari, an evolution of your pastry expertise, a gourmet baptism of fire... the exciting École Ritz Escoffier has it all.

The timeless Salon Proust

The aroma of coffee, the thrill of confidences, the glow of a fireplace... these time-honored delights unite at this legendary venue.

Temptation awaits

The Ritz Paris Comptoir is, almost literally, the closest thing to the Ritz Paris you’ll find in all the city. Test your willpower.

The definitive Brunch

Sprinkle a spark of Ritz Paris on your weekend with our iconic Brunch! A Parisian institution, for good reason. Come and taste why.