As well as a fantastically welcoming place to stay, The Ritz Paris is also a delightful shopping destination. Our famous Gallery offers both inspiration and mementos of your visit – from superior teas and coffees to some of the most original high-end jewelry to be found in all Paris. So as the song so nearly had it, there’s nothing quite like... shoppin’ at the Ritz. 

The Concept Store

The Ritz Paris Concept Store is a lens focused on what keeps our corner of the City of Light so iconic. This curated collection of resonant items is a potent distillation of our special allure, so you can keep the spirit of the Ritz Paris alive in your own home.

La Galerie du Ritz Paris

There’s nothing like strolling along a covered Parisian passage and seeing what catches your eye. When that walkway is the Gallery at the Ritz Paris, you'll find a potent, heady blend of the classic and the bold, the timeless and the new. It's an invigorating, inspirational walk. Give yourself gifts filled with memories.


Tasaki is a Japanese Maison offering unique and fashionable jewellery creations, with a particular focus on pearls and diamonds. Alongside timeless Tasaki creations, the boutique at Ritz Paris offers exclusively the Ritz Paris by Tasaki collection inspired by the beauty and elegance of the hotel.

Bacha Coffee

Bacha Coffee invites you to the marvellous world of 100% Arabica coffee. Located in the iconic Ritz Paris Gallery, the extravagant coffee boutique is lined with magnificent amber canisters housing over 200 meticulously sourced coffees from 33 of the most reputable coffee producing countries in the world. Discover a wide selection of beautifully packaged coffee gift boxes, timeless accessories and delectable gourmet products to elevate your coffee experience. Bacha Coffee awaits you with an experience to remember in the heart of the City of Lights.


The world's finest tea house, whose experts scour the globe for hand-picked superior varieties, TWG offers an aromatic and spiritual journey. We are proud to make you discover it at the Ritz Paris.


Magic travels well

Concept Store

The inimitable Ritz Paris chic travels remarkably well. Be warned: our Concept Store contains temptation, towels and teddy bears.

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The gift of choice


The most exquisite gift of all is undoubtedly the luxury of choice. A passport to all the pleasures offered by the Ritz Paris.

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Feel your best self

Beauty boutique

At Ritz Paris, elegance comes as standard. To prolong the glorious feeling that follows a treatment, our Beauty Boutique works wonders.

Dip in...


At your service

Here’s an idea; after a hard day’s shopping, how about recuperating with dinner at the most iconic of Parisian brasseries?

Pastry as high art

It’s time to let yourself go... as far as rue Cambon, at least. Take a short stroll to François Perret's irresistible pastry shop.

Settle into our spa

The fresh floral theme in our shrine to relaxation makes it all feel more than ever like a hidden Eden.

I made it myself...

Our cooking school is the gift that keeps on giving - to family, friends and anyone with a taste for delicious things.