A taste of Ritz

A delightful experience


"Monsieur Escoffier is almost certainly the world's foremost cook; he is leagues ahead of all the other chefs I've ever met", said César Ritz. The meeting of the two men would lead to the 1898 opening of the Ritz Paris. Gastronomy was always one of the hotel's great strengths, with the focus on "artfully prepared menus".

This marked a real revolution in the hotel and restaurant world, one spearheaded by the two partners, who welcomed some of the most celebrated figures of their time. On Place Vendôme culinary pleasures have always reigned supreme.

Restaurants & Bars

  • The Bar Vendôme
  • The Bar Hemingway
  • L'Espadon
  • The Bar Vendôme
  • The Bar Hemingway
  • L'Espadon was born from the passion shared by Charles Ritz and Ernest Hemingway for fishing. Between a trompe l'oeil ceiling where the sun plays hide-and-seek with the clouds and the magnificent floral arrangements, the place of honor is reserved for the inimitable Cuisine. This is French gastronomy executed to perfection.
  • A grand Parisian traditional, the Bar Vendôme is the Chic Brasserie of the Ritz Paris. Its hushed atmosphere offers an intimate setting, which will soon be complemented by a winter garden. For a business lunch or a simple drink, it is the ideal place. Amongst its favorites, we succumb without moderation to the gourmet Club sandwich or the tea time finger food which are two Place Vendôme classics.
  • At the Bar Hemingway, "Paris is a moveable feast". Its name comes from Ernest Hemingway, a loyal guest and friend of the Ritz family. The author is even said to have "liberated" the Bar in August 1944. Today, Colin Field is the Head Bartender extraordinaire. This creator of inspired cocktails has won a myriad of awards for his fabulous concoctions and has made the Bar Hemingway a beloved Parisian address. A true heaven for fashionistas, Parisian dandies and enlightened travellers.


A pioneer of modern Haute Cuisine, Auguste Escoffier was Ritz Paris' first Chef. For 20 years, the Ecole Ritz Escoffier has been paying tribute to him by transmitting the values he held so dear, as well as his visionary gastronomical secrets, with both care and passion. Now internationally renowned, the Ecole Ritz Escoffier trains both the great Chefs of tomorrow and enthusiastic amateurs in a convivial atmosphere. When it re-opens, the school will unveil an entirely new kitchen where students explore all the various facets of French gastronomy.


Fantasy, glamour and elegance. The Ritz Paris is unsurpassed at event organization, offering a palette of amenities inscribed in the great French tradition of welcoming guests. Magnificent salons, beautifully arranged tables, picturesque gardens, renowned Haute Cuisine, and of course the ravishing view on Place Vendôme - one of the emblems of the City of Lights.


Crossing the revolving door of the Ritz Paris is like taking a journey back in time. Reminiscing back to Cole Porter composing "Begin the Beguine", Elsa Maxwell's extravagant parties in the 1920s and Ernest Hemingway "liberating" the hotel bar in August 1944. The Ritz Paris has been an expert in the "art of partying" ever since its grand opening on June 1st,1898.