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Salon Proust

"At the Ritz, nobody pushes you," Marcel Proust once said. It's an observation that earned the author of "In Search of Lost Time" a salon named in his honor, a place where,  comfortably settled into a plush armchair, in the company of rare books and warm woodwork, one can simply take the time to daydream. And to indulge in the memorable delights of madeleines and exceptional teas. An ideal spot for savoring favorite childhood cakes by the fireplace.

Open from 2.30pm to 6pm
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Tea with Proust

This chocolate creation has the spout of a teapot, a little madeleine crest and a handle to hold.

It is a fiction-based reality, a product of pure memory. For Easter, François Perret delved into the hotel’s Proustian heritage and reinterpreted it in chocolate.

His rendition is full of surprises because this little teapot, in a cheerful play on the traditional hen and egg, contains a secret trove of miniature chocolate-dipped madeleines with a praline hazelnut heart. One taste brings back the sensation of “lost time”, in the spirit of Marcel Proust’s remembrances of a happy childhood.

François Perret’s teapot
€80. Limited edition. By special order at the Ritz Paris Concept Store at +33 1 43 16 32 74.

Get to know

François Perret,
Pastry Chef

Tastes and colors are his playthings.

While he never uses sugar to excess, when it comes to flavor, he doesn't believe in moderation.

A master in the art of creating contemporary classics, he has transformed the Salon Proust into a place for a time, a time for a place: a distinctly French afternoon tea that raises biscuits to rare heights of refinement.

Sponge fingers, tuile cigarettes, florentines, sugar tarts and buns with cocoa nibs and chocolate chips are just some of the delights accompanying a treasure trove of exceptional teas, "so that everyone finds their madeleine", says this extraordinarily talented chocolatier and Pastry Chef with a smile.

You'll love

A porcelain madeleine

In white Limoges porcelain, the tea service chosen for the Salon Proust was made bespoke by Haviland for a French tea that promises a sweet stroll down memory lane.

Its emblem is the madeleine. A stylised, visual motif, this golden thread of time regained is unfurled in curlicues on cups and plates. Try to grasp it, from the lid of a sugar bowl or a teapot, and this little golden nugget floats away.

Once upon a time

In Search of Lost Time

Present at its inauguration, Proust immediately made the Ritz Paris his second home and found in it an unrivaled source of inspiration.

As the host of intimate salons, he gleaned secrets from the literary and aristocratic elite and delighted in using them in his writing.