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Culinary experiences at L'Espadon

The sumptuous setting of Les Univers de L'Espadon changes as the day goes on, from a gentle breakfast to lunch with friends or business associates or an exceptional dinner. Whether it’s one star by day or two by night, the experience is always exquisite, as is the quality of ingredients. Chef Nicolas Sale, Pastry Chef François Perret and Head Sommelier Estelle Touzet share a philosophy: like art, gastronomy represents an endless quest.


Les Matins de L'Espadon 7:00 - 10:30am
Les Jardins de L'Espadon*
from wednesday to saturday
12:30 - 2:00pm
La Table de L'Espadon**
from wednesday to sunday
7:30 - 10:00pm
Le Brunch de l'Espadon 12:30 - 2:00pm
Culinary experiences at L'Espadon

Les Matins de L’Espadon

Mornings at the Ritz Paris take on a different hue than ordinary ones, and mornings at L'Espadon offer all the prestige and refinement of the finest restaurants. Whether served in the gilded dining room or inside the glass-roofed winter garden, two styles of breakfast — American and Japanese — promise a beautiful start to the day.

Daily from 7am to 10:30am.

Les Jardins de L’Espadon

Our Michelin one-star restaurant

A star shines over a glass roof that takes on the air of a winter garden at lunchtime. An ideal setting for appreciating the best of the season, as prepared by Chef Nicolas Sale — a lover of terroir and an ambassador of bold, authentic cuisine.

"My cuisine? Terroir in a velvet glove".

Wednesday to Saturday, 12:30pm to 2pm.

In a hurry? Try the two-course lunch (starter/main or main/dessert) in one hour, at 95€.

La Table de L’Espadon

Our Michelin two-star restaurant.

Unforgettable dining, in a décor to match. Chef Nicolas Sale's twice-starred cuisine is framed by elements worthy of France’s Grand Siècle, with a magnificent painted ceiling, moldings and gilt work. A monumental floral composition and chandelier in fine Bohemian crystal, wall lights in Murano glass, dishware by Haviland decorated with an exclusive imperial motif, and crystal centerpieces by Daum play supporting roles in a beautiful exercise in texture and contrast as the Chef delivers his highly personal interpretation of French cuisine.

Wednesday to Sunday from 7:30pm to 10pm.

Collared shirts and jackets required.

Le Brunch de L'Espadon

The prestige of gourmet dining and à la carte choices come together in the sumptuous setting of Le Jardin de L'Espadon. A unique experience orchestrated with finesse and delicacy by Chef Nicolas Sale.


135€ per person, from 12:30pm to 2pm.

Sundays only.

Get to know

Nicolas Sale, two stars
and an artistic temperament

Inspired by the history and aura of the Ritz Paris as well as a childhood spent in the terroir, Chef Sale cultivates an instinctive, creative and enlightened approach, pared down to the essentials.

His signature: authentic and direct dishes — “terroir in a velvet glove”, as he puts it — meaning that all the produce retains its unique character.

And is elevated to its noblest expression. "It’s about conferring on cuisine all the preciousness and prestige of high jewelry," he explains.

In constantly pushing beyond his comfort zone, Nicolas Sale has established his own culinary style. And achieved true freedom.

Once upon a time

Two friends

Ernest Hemingway and Charles Ritz, both accomplished fly- and deep-sea fishermen.

When he inaugurated the hotel's new restaurant, in 1956, Ritz named it L'Espadon in reference to the two friends’ shared passion and to Hemingway’s "The Old Man and the Sea", a novel published four years earlier.