Bar Hemingway

Cole Porter would spend up to 9 hours a day in the Hemingway Bar: he's said to have composed "Begin the Beguine" here. F. Scott Fitzgerald had his favorite seat; Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper made it the epicenter of their life in Paris and would sit and talk for hours… The legend has long since been written - but here, it comes back to life every night. Head Barman Colin Peter Field's incredible creations are a reference for cocktail lovers the world over. And while guests flock to this warm, intimate alcove to see what he's shaking up, they also return, again and again, for the heady, arty spirit that still lingers in this magical place. The night begins and ends at the Ritz Paris.

Open from 6:00pm to 2:00am, without reservation
A word from the Head Barman

Colin Peter Field

"One drinks a single cocktail three times: once with the eyes, once with the nose and lastly with the palate" - as everyone who has tasted his fabulous cocktails can confirm. 

Did you know


Ernest Hemingway is a good example.

It was here that he "liberated" the bar of German soldiers by downing 51 Dry Martinis in a row.