Relaxation areas

Take the time to relax. Step back and look at the world with fresh eyes and just live in the moment. Linger poolside then gently glide through the water with a few laps. Or really pick up the pace and "beat the clock" on the equipment in the fitness room. At the Ritz Club Paris, your time is yours alone, the kind you take to fully savor each instant.

Opening hours 6.30am to 10pm
The Private Club

"Home away from home"

If "beauty is the promise of happiness" as Marcel Proust observed, then the Ritz Club Paris is the place to live it out, with the Private Club.

As confidential as a secret address to which only a few have the key, the Private Club is a place where members come recommended and may enjoy private coaching.

Above all, you become a part of the extended Ritz Paris family.

The swimming pool

Meet the Ritz blue

The Ritz Paris swimming pool is a very special blue. Composed of countless nuances, its color seems to shift as if by magic, depending on the time of the day or your vantage point.

Take a few laps, participate in an aquagym or water biking class and watch as ripples of celadon become tinged with azure.

Seen from the bar, on the mezzanine, Ritz blue takes on new reflections. We recommend savoring the experience, again and again, over cocktails.

The fitness facility

À la carte coaching

Set a goal. Achieve it. Even better: lean in to become fitter, stronger and faster.

Or take the "slow" road with a gentle wake-up for your muscles, then a sun salutation with a master yogi.

Or take advantage of guidance from professionals in fitness, sports and nutrition by opting for a complete fitness assessment or a personalized diet or detox program.